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We Buy All FDA Regulated Medical Equipment 

MSTxs Surplus Removal Process
Relevant Licenses & Qualifications
MSTxs is fully licensed and qualified to provide the services listed in this medical services proposal. Relevant licenses and qualifications include:
1. Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business certified by the CVE of the US government (SDVOSB) 
2. Green Initiative Certified 
3. 25+ years of experience purchasing and exporting retired medical equipment 
4. Insurance coverage regarding larger deinstallation projects like diagnostic imaging equipment, injectors, sterilizers, OR lights, OR Tables, etc.  
MSTxs hereby guarantees that the above-listed licenses and qualifications will be maintained during the entire period during which medical services are provided to HCA West Florida.
Our Background
MSTxs has been in the Retired Medical Equipment market for over 20 years. We are the only Certified Veteran Owned business in this market and we take pride in hiring local veterans and firefighters to be apart of the MSTxs All-Star team. We specialize in having notable representatives worldwide and sell much of the retired medical equipment internationally. Based out of Charleston, SC, MSTxs has grown rapidly over the last several years, serving all of the East Coast of the United States and quickly expanding towards the West Coast with hopes to be soon serving nationwide. With offices in FL, SC, NC, NY, and WY, we are bound to grow rapidly in the years to come. We have had tremendous amounts of success based off the business model of being a “One-Stop-Shop” for health systems. Our competition focuses on the “pick and choose” model why we focus on what matters the most, the facility’s needs! We pride ourselves on being specialists in every aspect of medical equipment. This allows us to purchase and deinstall all FDA regulated equipment. This helps the health system save time and effort due to dealing with only one vendor, MSTxs! We are flexible by catering to each individual facility’s needs. Whether it be working after normal business hours or removing equipment without access to loading dock or jamming up hospital hallways. When we say we are going to get something done, you can consider it done as we stand by our word and have years of experience to back it up. There is a reason why we are one of the premier vendors in the United States when it comes to managing your surplus equipment.
I’ve identified the following challenges and goals based on previous conversations with HCA West FL:
  1. Supply Chain Managers using time on problems that are at the bottom of their priority, like retired medical equipment. We at MSTxs understand that your time is valuable. We want to make life easier for you by dealing with MSTxs strictly so the Supply Chain Managers don’t have to deal with a bidding war or if it has any value. MSTXS prides itself on purchasing all retired medical equipment. Simply just shoot the Territory Representative an email or phone call, and lets MSTxs worry about the rest! 
  1. You can save money by preventing future JACO Fines, and have MSTxs purchase/remove/deinstall equipment before inspection. We also continue to stay proactive on the Green Initiative, HIPPA issues, recycling, and proper disposal of IT equipment.
  1. Why store your medical equipment in office spaces, hallways, garages, storage units, or receiving docks? Not only are you wasting money, but you are wasting valuable space. As time goes, so does the value of your equipment. When you sell it immediately you get the most return on your equipment, again saving you money.
  1. Local Disaster? National pandemic? MSTxs stores thousands of square feet of retired medical equipment that can be rented out for pandemics, national disasters, and any other tragedy that would involve an influx or shortage of medical equipment. Instead of reaching out to vendors to obtain equipment needed for a disaster, MSTxs can be your vendor for your shortage of medical equipment, beds, stretchers, for a fraction of the price. 
Services Offered….in this it as my HCA proposal so just remove that
MSTxs hereby submits the following services for consideration by HCA West Florida:
MSTxs helps with the removal of all FDA regulated items, deinstallations, furniture, and IT recycling (Green Initiative/HIPPA Regulations).MSTxs can offer consignment, purchase, auction, and donation for equipment. Once HCA West Florida has approved of releasing the retired/surplus equipment, MSTxs will then gather appropriate information, inventory it, and list all property tags and serial numbers for each piece of equipment. MSTxs will remove all patient information (if not already removed) and give the facility a Green Initiative Certificate if needed. MSTxs will calculate the overall price and schedule a time that is most convenient to HCA West Florida. MSTxs will work with the Supply Chain Manager at each facility to schedule a quick, hassle free pick up with MSTxs’s all-star pick up crew. MSTxs will then remove and attempt to sell, dispose, donate all excess/surplus equipment internationally.
Here’s how the process works.
  1. Supply Chain Manager reaches out to MSTxs Territory Representative, simply stating the facility has equipment ready for purchase and removal/deinstall.
  2. Territory Representative will set up time to evaluate equipment, or receive information from facility.
  3. Once proper information is obtained, the Territory Representative will schedule a time with the Supply Chain Manager for an arranged pick up.
  4. MSTxs’s Pick-up & Deinstall team will remove equipment efficiently, effectively, and safely.
  5. Once the equipment is back in one of our warehouses, we will overnight a check directly to the Supply Chain Department of choice.
Our Staff
MSTxs employs a staff of highly trained, experienced, and licensed individuals to support HCA West Florida’s needs. Each member of our staff has been put through MSTxs’s rigorous training and vetting process. Our Territory Representatives are trained to adapt to clients needs and work around each facilities guidelines. Our Pick Up Crew are highly trained firefighters who know how to properly handle medical equipment safely and efficiently.

Key Personnel
The following individuals are considered “key personnel” due to the critical nature of the roles they play in providing the services listed in this medical services proposal:
Territory Representative 
Establishes a point of contact for each facility with HCA West Florida, and works with them on a basis that works best for each individual facility. The representative will ask to obtain information for equipment from the facility’s team or obtain information by scheduling to be onsite, gathering pictures, serial numbers, model numbers, software, and logistics of the removal or deinstallations. This representative will then send accumulated information to MSTxs headquarters to await a quote. Once proper information is gathered, the representative will contact and organize a pick up with the Supply Chain Manager. Within one week the facility will have a quote and/or scheduled pick up with MSTxs highly trained pick-up crew.
Pick Up & Deinstall Team
Our highly trained staff has all the equipment needed for an efficient and quick removal. They obtain details for the removal of equipment from the territory representative and works with the facility’s point of contact to properly remove and/or deinstall equipment. They will already have an organized removal plan that will work with the facility and territory representative on where the equipment should be removed, via receiving dock, or other logistical spot.

Our Process

At MSTxs, we specialize in building relationships with hospitals and medical facilities with the goal of better managing their surplus medical equipment.

Our team is committed to guiding you through the process with professionalism and attention to detail to safely remove and/or recycle your decommissioned equipment while delivering you top-dollar to optimize the return on your investment.

MSTxs Provides the Services Needed to Comply with Federal Regulations and Environmental Initiatives.

  • With our experience working in and around medical facilities, we understand our customers’ needs and problems.
  • MSTxs is proactive in support of hospital Green Initiatives, assisting in recycling and proper disposal of HIPPA sensitive IT equipment. 
  • We have the ability to not only transport equipment from the facility, but also to de-install/remove and store hospital equipment.
  • We are a one stop shop when it comes to removal of FDA regulated equipment, we can handle it all – the good with the bad!
  • We take the liability off a facility, unlike other vendors who increase there exposure to numerous legalities.
  • We provide a one-in, one-out scenario when vendors are delivering new product.
  • We are proactive when it comes to hospital’s Green Initiative. Recycling, disposal of all IT equipment along with HIPPA issues are all covered under our protocols.
  • We have the ability to not only transport equipment from the facility, but also to deinstall/remove and store numerous aspects of a hospital key component. We say yes much more often then No!
  • We work with facilities during normal business hours or after-hours, depending on the needs of the customer.
  • We offer consignment, auction and donation as well as purchase of equipment. Our hospitals receive a monthly report, a check and documentation stating their FDA items have been correctly processed and more importantly, we have assumed the liability for the equipment that has left their facility.
  • Keeping hospitals compliant with Joint Commission during removal storage, construction and everyday business. Hospital office space is to valuable to let surplus items take up room.
  • We are your Logistic partner, we understand your concerns, problems and hills to climb.
  • We do what we do best allowing hospital personnel to focus on there important jobs.
  • We Offer consignment, Purchase, Auction, Donation and a host of other options. Our hospitals receive a monthly report a check and documentation stating your FDA items have been correctly processed and more important we have assumed the liability of the equipment in the proper way.

Why Choose MSTxs Over Internet / Garage Shop Sellers?

We buy / de-install and remove all FDA regulated equipment from facilities all over the United States

They buy as is and hire contractors to handle the equipment

We provide one-in one-out service, coordinating equipment installation and removal 

The provide little or no coordination with new equipment suppliers 

We sell / ship / export equipment to other Countries that desperately need it. 

They have no storage facilities and hold little to no inventory 

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