MSTxs Global

MSTxs Global is the Leader in  Quality Pre-Owned Medial Equipment

Hospital Equipment

Dental Equipment

veterinary Equipment

MSTxs is a supplier of medical equipment working with hospitals and equipment sellers to provide equipment cost-effectively to both offshore and U.S. customers

  • MSTxs is a One-Stop Shop for removal of FDA regulated equipment; we handle it all re-sellable and throwaway.
  • We keep hospitals compliant with Joint Commission regulations during removal, storage, construction and day to day business.
  • We remove the liability for surplus equipment from a facility.

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MSTxs and I have a few deals under our belts and they have proved to be a reliable and great source for quality equipment! They’re a class act!!!!

It is great working with MSTxs. They are upfront, honest, and a pleasure to work with.

MSTxs provide top notch service to our Hospital, they removed our old beds and assisted us with the replacement of our new ones. We were short staffed and we couldn't have done it without them.

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